Life often presents us with unexpected opportunities that can shape our future in remarkable ways. For me, Nicholas Pletts, my journey from being scouted by Boss Model while studying at Stellenbosch in Cape Town to becoming a successful leader is a testament to the transformative power of seizing unique chances. In this blog post, I will delve into my inspiring story, highlighting how my modelling career and educational background laid the foundation for my growth as a well-rounded individual and an accomplished leader.

A Step into the Fashion World:

When my brother and I were scouted by Boss Models, we faced a pivotal decision. Recognizing the incredible opportunity before us, we embraced the chance to embark on a career that would enable us to make money, travel the world, and immerse ourselves in different cultures. Joining Boss Models as a model, I found myself in the fashion capitals of London, Paris, Milan, and New York, where I experienced the zenith of the industry. This remarkable chapter in my life not only expanded my horizons but also cultivated essential traits such as adaptability, resilience, and networking.

Balancing Modelling and Education:

Simultaneously pursuing a Bachelor of Accounting Science degree, I recognized the importance of investing in my education to secure a solid foundation for my future. This dual commitment allowed me to develop a diverse skill set, combining my creative modelling pursuits with a practical understanding of finance and management. By juggling both worlds, I sharpened my work ethic, collaboration skills, and analytical thinking. This unique blend of experiences and knowledge has prepared me for a dynamic career where creativity, strategic thinking, and a global perspective are highly valued.

Moulding a Well-Rounded Individual:

My journey from model to leader is a testament to the transformative power of diverse experiences. The challenges and triumphs I faced in the fashion industry, coupled with my academic pursuits, moulded me into a well-rounded individual ready to excel in various professional roles. The creative flair honed through modelling provides me with a unique perspective, allowing me to approach problem-solving and innovation with fresh ideas. Simultaneously, my accounting and management education equips me with the financial acumen and strategic thinking necessary to navigate complex business environments.

A Path to Leadership:

My inspiring journey from model to leader exemplifies the potential for personal growth and reinvention. The combination of my modelling career, which instilled in me adaptability and networking skills, and my educational foundation in accounting and management, created a strong platform for my ascent into leadership roles. Today, armed with a versatile skill set and a global perspective, I stand as a shining example of how diverse experiences can shape individuals into effective and accomplished leaders.


My transition from a successful modelling career to a leadership role is a testament to the power of embracing unique opportunities and pursuing diverse paths. My journey highlights the importance of constantly seeking personal growth and developing a well-rounded skill set. My experience as a model and my educational background in accounting and management have laid the foundation for my success as a leader, blending creativity, analytical thinking, and a global perspective. My story serves as an inspiration for others to embrace unexpected opportunities and strive for continuous growth on their own journeys toward leadership and personal fulfilment.