Nicholas Pletts is a South African role model entrepreneur with a people-centred approach to business. Born in the casual community of Durban, he evolved into a dynamic personality set to stir the coastal business culture. Today, Nic and his brother, the “pletts twins,” sit at the helm of local business innovation.

Nic Pletts Role Model Entrepreneur at Amalfi South Africa

Nicholas Pletts, Role Model – The Sky’s the Limit!

In this article on Nic Pletts, we talk to the entrepreneur about his business, what inspired him to build his legacy, and how he maintains a balanced lifestyle to avoid burnout.

Nic’s influence as a business role model is twofold. He sets an example for driven entrepreneurs, but he also actively empowers individuals to reach their full potential, mostly through innovation and collaboration, he says. This is just what we need for a country swelling with opportunity. 

According to the International Trade Administration, South Africa is an incubator for new-to-market ideas

With nurturing, ambitious leaders like Nic at the forefront, we have a powerful motivator for new start-ups. “I believe in leading with determination and a commitment to excellence,” he continues.

Successful entrepreneur Nicholas Pletts

Climbing the Ladder, Broadening Horizons

Born a Leader

Pletts first applied his leadership skills in 2009, when he was elected deputy head boy at Maritzburg College. He also represented KwaZulu-Natal in rugby and water polo. This determination followed him to university, where his journey took an exciting turn.

This turn is unlike most entrepreneur success stories, but that’s what makes Nic so interesting. It connected him to humanity on a different level, allowing him to broaden his (and others’) horizons. 

Internationally famous business executive Seth Godin often speaks about humanity as an art that can transform a person for the better, often causing a connection to happen. Nic’s connection to the camera fuelled his ambition, helping him climb steps to greater heights.

A Path to Success: Nic Pletts, Model to Role Model

Nic’s choice of a Bachelor of Accounting Science degree at university can be regarded as his first step toward business success. However, during this tuition, he and his identical twin brother were scouted by Boss Models. This is where our entrepreneur managed his first balancing act, juggling two very diverse worlds.

Known for their modelling career, now successful entrepreneurs

The Pletts Twins Modelling

On one side, Nicholas was clearly aware that his education would secure a foundation for his future. He prioritised learning and never let his mind for business slip. Simultaneously, he entered an unfamiliar world of travel, photoshoots, and social networking.

But as diverse as this lifestyle may seem, it’s what shaped Nic onto a well-rounded, experienced person who now has a head for business and a better depiction of the world and how it ticks. 

“My journey from model to leader is a testament to the transformative power of diverse experiences.”

He encourages other entrepreneurs to not just focus on building a brand or turning a profit, but to dive into business culture, exploring the fine niches that make business an evolutionary study.

Introducing the Amalfi Empire

After university, Nic joined the working world. He was a team player and enjoyed applying his acquired business skills. But his ability to lead and his vision to nurture something and watch it flourish steered him toward starting his own business with his brother, Campbell. The seed planted in his youth started to grow, and out of it arose Amalfi Wholesalers and sister company Amalfi Outsourcing

Nicholas says he polished his skills and gathered invaluable insights while working for another leading wholesaler company, but this experience only laid the foundation. Using his new understanding of the dynamic market, he shaped a business strategy, prioritisng excellence, reliability, and customer-centricity.

Nic Pletts Business Owner at Work

Nic Pletts Business Owner

Fast forward to today, Amalfi Wholesalers is a prominent trader of agricultural and human consumption commodities.

Amalfi Outsourcing took a different direction and focuses on BPO solutions. The diversity between companies is another tribute to Nic’s ability to juggle skills while still giving each ambition his all. “I like to set the bar high,” he banters. 

Jokes aside, Pletts can proudly boast of his talent for turning an idea into a thriving business. In all seriousness, his talent contributed toward the R10 trillion (plus) turnover generated from small-medium South African businesses between 2013-2019.

The Man Behind the Pletts Photos

Petts Twins - Directors at Amalfi

Amalfi Owners in Action

Nic has come a long way, with an interesting history to showcase. But to end our chat, we wanted to pick his brain regarding business in South Africa and briefly explore the man behind all the professional photos we see. So, we asked him a few random but inspiring questions for upcoming entrepreneurs.


Do We Have Good Role Models in South Africa?

We do have good role models in South Africa. Plus, there are diverse role models for every person to look up to. From business people to academics, celebrities, and athletes, our homeland hosts a broad range of people who have proven that anything is possible, even in a third world country.

Which Business is In High Demand in South Africa?

I’ve noticed a few businesses in high demand in South Africa. Number one is the value-added food business, especially where healthy food is concerned – this need is growing rapidly!

The software development market is also taking off. The need for online systems and mobile applications is gaining traction in our country, and we also have very clever technical experts who can cater to this need, even at an international level!

What Is Your Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in South Africa?

My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in South Africa is to exlore the unknown and to take care of our health!

Exploring the unknown helps with perspective and encourages an empathetic outlook towards consumers, helping you make your products or services about them and not just your profits. 

I’ve found that my mental health is a priority for a healthy business. Take time to relax, enjoy hobbies, exercise, and drink plenty of water. You’d be surprised at what a healthy mind and body can do! 

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