Former Hugo Boss model and prominent Durban businessman, Nicholas Pletts, enjoys a diverse lifestyle with many balls to juggle. In this article, we delve into how he uses exercise to maintain a healthy mind and body, two prerequisites he says are needed for a healthy business!

Nic Pletts Active Lifestyle Role Model

Nic Pletts Golfing Model

Nic’s appreciation for active living started in his schooling years, where he eventually represented Maritzburg College and his province in rugby and water polo. This kept him fit and in good form. It also helped him to be elected as head boy of his school in 2009. Some may say this is where his leadership skills were first applied and prepared for his business years!

Today, Nicholas Pletts and his business partner (and brother), Campbell Pletts, continue with sports and active hobbies for enjoyment and to relieve the stress and pressure from running two businesses and side projects.

One of the sports he enjoys is golf. Like many business people, he uses golf to network with like-minded individuals and promote his businesses.

Nicholas Pletts building a South African Business on the Green

Nic is a founder of the Amalfi Empire, divided into Amalfi Wholesalers and Amalfi Outsourcing. Amalfi Wholesalers focuses on commodity trading, while Amalfi Outsourcing provides business processing outsourcing solutions. 

“Both businesses are complex,” he says. “A round of golf in the open air often helps to put things in perspective, and I can discuss business matters casually without the pressure of a formal atmosphere.”

Nic’s stance on golf is supported by studies from the National Library of Medicine. This research shows that playing golf has overall positive associations with physical health and mental wellness. 

“Embracing the challenge and camaraderie that golf brings encapsulates the true essence of the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle,” he continues.

Jogging to stay fit and in shape

Pletts Twins Running for Business

Pletts Twins Running for Business!

There are perks to having an identical twin brother. You never have to run solo! Early morning jogging is another of Nic’s passions and is a way for him to find solace in the company of others. “I find running energising, and it often spikes a rush of inspiration.”

Perhaps this is why companies like Google install treadmills in offices so that employees can walk while working. It takes “running” a business to a new level!

Jokes aside, a simple exercise like running can help keep your mind straight and your body robust. It’s an easy way to stay fit, and few have an excuse not to do it!

When Things Get Heated

When the going gets tough, Nic turns to boxing as a stress reliever. “A hard day at the office calls for a more action-packed sport,” he says.


On top of running his own businesses, Nicholas Pletts also directs the company Choice Insurance. His days are thus dynamic, and thought patterns need to split in several directions. A workout like boxing allows him to regain focus while “blowing off steam” and realigning his thoughts. 

“After a boxing session, I feel relaxed and less overwhelmed by the day’s tasks,” he explains. “This way, I can go home and relax with my family without dragging pressure from the day with me. It also helps me enter the office afresh, ready for the next set of challenges.”

Interestingly, it’s been proved that boxing stimulates brain co-ordination, helping to connect the controls for reflex reactions. This is probably why it’s one of the best activities to help organise thought patterns and put them in a better perspective.

Training on the boxing bag

Nicholas Pletts is always a Team Player!

Pletts cardio workout

Nic is a firm believer in team camaraderie and strives to demonstrate his “active outlets” as example to those striving to achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

“I always encourage my employees, business associates, friends, and family members to use exercise to improve physical and mental health. I see it in the workplace all the time. Those who participate in sports or exercise – or even other recreational hobbies – are more driven and productive,” he says.

This photo of Nic Pletts shows him enjoying a cycling challenge with Campbell.

Rounding off, we asked Nic a few questions about his thought on exercise and business.

Why Is Exercise Good for Business?

Exercise is good for business for several reasons. Not only does it help to keep you physically healthy so that you can attend to tasks, but it also empowers you mentally. To steer a business and maintain motivation, you must be in the right state of mind.

Activities like golf, running, boxing, and gyming also facilitate creative thinking, helping business owners and their employees find innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Can Exercise Make You More Successful?

Yes, exercise can make you more successful

You may think that taking time off from work to exercise pauses productivity. I think otherwise. Just 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day is enough to boost energy and clearer thinking – a recipe for innovation.

What Else Keeps You Inspired and Ready for Business Action?

My family comes first, and quality time with them helps me cope in the business world. Lazy family lunches, holidays and knowing when to just say “no” helps to keep me motivated and inspired to cultivate businesses that are rising to prominence in the South African industry.

Oh, and I look forward to coming home to two adorable bulldogs at the end of the day. Basically, life’s simple pleasures are a driving force!

I must add – I also like to use sport and exercise as a means to network. There are several ambitious business people out there who acknowledge the potential a good work out has for creativity and productivity. I’ve met many interesting people on the golf course and at gyms. 

Like I always say, “Work hard, play hard!”

On that note, it’s time to hit the gym! Read more about Nicholas Pletts and Amalfi by reading more of his personal blog

Nic Pletts keeping that model physique intact